Na današnji dan: velika islandska ženska stavka

Skok v zgodovino: delimo pomembno mednarodno delavsko zgodbo o veliki islandski ženski stavki, od katere ravno danes mineva natanko 44 let, in jo priporočamo v branje.

Indeed, it is estimated that 90 percent of women in Iceland did not show up for work on October 24, 1975. And the strike brought the Icelandic economy to a standstill. Schools, nurseries, shops, and factories closed, and men had to step in by either staying at home or bringing their children to work. There were over twenty rallies organized all over the country, but the biggest event took place in Lækjartorg, the main square in downtown Reykjavík, 25,000 women attending — just under half of the entire female population in the capital area.

On the stage in Lækjartorg, a girls’ marching band opened the rally, which included theatrical performances, sing-alongs, and addresses by the only female MPs […] and Aðalheiður Bjarnfreðsdóttir, a domestic worker. It was Aðalheiður who captured the hearts and minds of the audience, speaking without notes about the disrespect women faced in their work. They were considered an auxiliary workforce, to be called out when work was plenty but sent home when it became scarce. She believed that women were a force for change and would, in time, have something to show for their efforts and solidarity. Her famous words are still widely remembered.

The Day Women Brought Iceland to a Standstill (via Jacobin)

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