Sindikat United Voices of the World: Pozitivna delavska zgodba z Otoka

Vsaka pozitivna delavska, sindikalna zgodba šteje: tale prihaja z Otoka, kjer sindikat United Voices of the World uspešno združuje prekarne delavke in delavce, ki delujejo v pogosto prezrtih poklicih.

As work in the UK gets more precarious and the ‘gig economy’ booms, trade unionism is being reimagined and people from a wide range of backgrounds are joining new kinds of unions, often for the first time. Before coronavirus hit the UK and impacted the healthcare system, grassroots union United Voices of the World was already fighting for the rights of key workers. Through personal stories of one group of cleaners, caterers and porters from St Mary’s Hospital in London, we chart an inspiring story of resistance. From their first strike through to an influential victory that benefits outsourced workers across five other hospitals.

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