Najslabši delodajalec na svetu

Kdo in zakaj je najslabši delodajalec na svetu? Pod okriljem Mednarodne konfederacije sindikatov poteka posebno glasovanje, na katerem lahko glas za največjo barabo v svetu dela oddate tudi vi.

“While there are many CEOs with bad track records, ten men whose companies have a global footprint have been chosen for the 2018 poll due to their abuses of workers’ rights and their activities which undermine the interests of working people,” said Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary.


The all-male shortlist includes six Americans, a South Korean, a dual nationality Australian-South African, and French and Irish citizens. The richest CEO is Jeff Bezos with an estimated net worth of US$156 billion. Four of the bosses – Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Glencore’s Ivan Glasenberg, Samsung’s Lee Kun-hee and Walmart’s Doug McMillon – were in the 2014 shortlist.

“Four years ago bankers represented some of the worst abuses of corporate power; now it’s platform businesses with the likes of Amazon, Uber and Deliveroo that dominate the worst boss shortlist. Digitalisation will gather more speed, but the choices about regulation to protect workers’ rights and the public interest are in the hands of democratically elected governments. Workers and their unions will not accept the ‘Uberisation’ of work where employers take no responsibility for employees and fail to pay tax or contribute to social protection,” said Sharan Burrow.

“The shortlist of shame represents some of the worst abuses of corporate power – anti-union tactics, paying below the minimum wage, tax avoidance, corruption, worker exploitation, human rights violations and environmental destruction. We will fight as a global union movement to change the rules to protect workers’ rights and end corporate greed,” said Burrow.”

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