Delavska zgodba iz ZDA

Delimo zanimivo zgodbo iz tujine: na zahodni ameriški obali se v okviru skupine Tech Workers Coalition organizirajo delavci v tehnološkem sektorju in se počasi dvigajo tudi proti Donaldu Trumpu.

“Everyone hears about the ping-pong tables and the free lunch and the crazy benefits. What they don’t hear about are the grueling hours, and the fact that many of the people who work at these companies aren’t actually employees — they’re contractors. Contractors don’t only include service workers on tech campuses — janitors, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers — but also a huge layer of white-collar workers who do the same work as their full-time counterparts but are paid much less, don’t have benefits, and don’t have job security. Often they’ll be asked to leave their jobs with only a day’s notice.”

Celoten članek je mogoče prebrati na spletni strani ameriške levičarske revije Jacobin.