Kako živijo in delajo spletni moderatorji?

O (milo rečeno) stresnem življenju in napornem delu nekoliko posebne skupine delavk in delavcev, o katerih v bleščečem novem svetu družbenih omrežij pogosto ne vemo veliko.

Content moderators aren’t talked about much — they’re part of the invisible workforce that makes modern digital platforms go. When we scroll through our algorithmically generated feeds, we don’t realize that these content streams are being managed by real people working tirelessly to ensure our screens remain (generally) horror-free.

“Horror” is the only word to describe the messages, images, and videos that content moderators see all day, every day at work: unspeakable child abuse, cruelty to animals, murder and other instances of gruesome violence, hate crimes and virulent racism — not to mention an endless stream of pornography, much of it deeply misogynistic.

Facebook has roughly 1.6 billion “daily active users,” so staying on top of the posting proclivities of the worst humanity has to offer is a gargantuan task. The social media giant employs an estimated 15,000 content moderators in countries around the world, both directly and indirectly through subcontractors.

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