Norveški razredni kompromis

Malo branja: tukaj je relevantna in pomenljiva delavska zgodba z evropskega severa, točneje z Norveške, z nekaj dragocenimi poudarki tudi za današnji čas.

Today, Norway is often portrayed as the pinnacle of harmony between the classes. It’s presented as a social-democratic paradise, where compromises between labor and capital have reached the perfect balance between a strong welfare state and a profitable private sector.

But social and political conditions in Norway have not always been so harmonious — for the foundations of the so-called Norwegian model were laid during the bitter class struggles of the interwar years. During this period, Norway (together with neighboring Sweden) set an unofficial world record in labor disputes. Each year between 1920 and 1940, these two Scandinavian countries saw between ten and twenty-five disputes per 100,000 workers. In the United States and Britain, the corresponding figure was far lower — ranging between three and ten.

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