Pred novo krizo …

Že nekaj časa lahko poslušamo, da je na obzorju nova gospodarska kriza (saj kdaj pa ni?). Še malo, pa nas bodo spet prepričevali, kako smo živeli prek svojih zmožnosti in da je treba znova zategniti pas. Da bi ta trenutek lahko dočakali bolje pripravljeni, velja prebrati tudi spodnji tekst. V razmislek.

And for working-class people around the world, already suffering through the weakest economic expansion since the Second World War, the implications are ominous. All the problems that have dogged them throughout the “lost decade” since the Great Recession of 2008–9 — poverty, insecurity, precarious employment, and deteriorating conditions of life — are likely to worsen dramatically. The emerging global slump, and the intensified social conflict it engenders, represent a moment of danger as well as radical opportunity.
A global crisis intensifies all the world’s antagonisms. It produces instabilities and conflicts on multiple scales. Ruling classes will attempt to protect their interests by displacing the effects of crisis onto the poor and the oppressed, and by making their elite rivals absorb more of its costs. At the level of class conflicts, capitalists will try to weaken unions, slash wages, cut social entitlements, and scapegoat those they see as most vulnerable — immigrants, trans people, workers of color, women, and queers.”

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