Smo delavke in delavci, ne roboti!

Pomembna mednarodna delavska zgodba: na začetku tedna, v času posebne Amazonove dvodnevne razprodaje, so na drugi strani Atlantika zaposleni pri omenjenem spletnem trgovskem gigantu za več ur prekinili delo. Delimo zapis o dogajanju.

Working conditions inside Amazon’s fulfillment centers literally amount to insult added to injury. According to worker testimonials, the company relies on big business’s favorite technique, the speedup, to drive workers harder and harder — because $11 billion in profits last year apparently wasn’t enough. Meg Bradley, who spoke at the rally, began work in November 2017 with seventy others. Five are left.

Predictably, the speedup means injuries. Pinched nerves. Carpal tunnel. Strained tendons. The kinds of workplace injuries that human beings always get when they’re pushed to the limit by a corporation whose concern for the welfare of their workers is second only to . . . anything that will increase profits.

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