Delavke in delavci vedno potegnemo kratko

Srhljiva zgodba o tem, kako tudi v času okoljskih katastrof in podobnih ekstremnih dogodkov, ki jih bo v prihodnosti, če ne bomo pravočasno ukrepali, vedno več, kratko potegnejo delavke in delavci.

Hours after Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina last month, battering the state with heavy rains and flooding, a group of migrant farmworkers woke up to find themselves in waist-deep water.

Isolated in a migrant labor camp in rural Jones County, far from the view of paved roads, the workers called 911 and told emergency officials they needed to be rescued. Then they waited for hours, watching as their mattresses, refrigerators, and other belongings floated by in the rising floodwaters.

But unbeknownst to the workers at the time, a county emergency management team had canceled an effort to extract them, after the owner of the farm where the men were working called county officials to say the laborers at the camp were “fine.

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