Facebookova diskriminacija na podlagi spola

Poglobljeno, tehtno branje o tem, kako Facebook dopušča da delodajalci z oglasi za delo pri sponzoriranju objav naslavljajo samo določen spol, čeprav je to (celo v ZDA) prepovedano. 

Targeting by sex is just one way Facebook and other tech companies let advertisers focus on certain users — and exclude others. Based on rich data provided by users and deduced from their web activity, that powerful targeting is key to Facebook’s massive popularity with advertisers and it accounts for much of its revenue. It lets advertisers spend only on those they want to reach.

That level of targeting also gives advertisers the power to discriminate in ways that may violate the law. ProPublica reported in 2016 that Facebook allows advertisers to exclude users by race. And last year we detailed how job ads on Facebook can exclude older workers.

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