Tudi sindikaliste ubijajo, mar ne?

Zakaj je bil na začetku junija letos v Kalabriji na jugu Italije umorjen sindikalist in delavec v kmetijski proizvodnji Soumayla Sacko? To je njegova zgodba.

This murder also took place amid a hostile political environment. It is the latest milestone in the anti-migrant atmosphere that was already on display during the recent election campaign, and a spate of racist killings. Today what we are seeing in Italy is driven by a politics that blames anyone considered “different” for the wider poverty and inequality. When politics cannot give answers for citizens’ need for a right to work, a right to housing, or to a welfare state, and we instead see austerity and a rise in social inequalities, some will try to turn the population against whoever is different, including of course migrants. 

This is combined with a wider normalization of racism. This is no longer just a matter of private thoughts, but a racism that is also openly expressed, sometimes even through physical violence. We have already seen the terrorist attack against West African migrants in Macerata during the election campaign, and the killing of the Senegalese migrant Idy Diene in Florence the day after the vote. Being an immigrant has become synonymous with poverty, precarity, and marginalization, because the established norms have created a cage around their working life and engagement in society.

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