O čem govorimo, ko govorimo o minimalni plači

Poglobljeno, tehtno in izčrpno o minimalni plači s pomembnim vprašanjem: gre pri njej v prvi vrsti za ekonomski, matematični izračun ali za širše vprašanje o tem, koliko delavke in delavci sploh cenimo svoje delo? In kaj vse smo pripravljeni storiti zanj. V premislek.

Just imagine, for a moment, combing through a pile of articles debating slavery, or child labour, in which almost every participant spoke primarily in the specialised language of market exchange and incentives, and buttressed their points by wielding competing spreadsheets, graphs and statistical formulas. This would be, I think we can all agree, a discussion that was limited to the point of irrelevance. Our contemporary minimum-wage debates are similarly blinkered. In its reflexive focus on just a few variables, it risks skipping over the fundamental question: how do we value work? And is the answer determined by us – by politics and politicians – or by the allegedly immutable laws of economics?


The more people I talked to, the more difficult it was to keep seeing the minimum-wage debate through the narrow lens of the economics literature – where it is analysed as a discrete policy option, a dial to be turned up or down, with the correct level to be determined by experts. Again and again, my conversations with workers naturally drifted from the minimum wage to other battles about work and pay in Seattle.

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