Mednarodna solidarnost šteje!

Ker mednarodna delavska solidarnost šteje #1: delimo tehten zapis o tem, kaj se trenutno dogaja v Franciji, kjer se organizirajo, protestirajo in stavkajo tako študenti kot delavci in delavke različnih dejavnosti, poklicev in ozadij.

From college campuses to supermarkets and airport terminals, unrest is simmering across France. Against the backdrop of the national public railway strike — a highly symbolicstruggle that, by all indications, promises to be long and intense — students and workers in other sectors are taking actions of their own.

This isn’t the first significant unrest under President Emmanuel Macron— his labor reforms last year were opposed by strikes and days of action — but the current wave is broader in scope. A weekend strike at France’s largest employer, supermarket Carrefour, was followed by strikes on the trains and at airports at the start of this week that have severely impacted transport in the country — and now a burgeoning student movement is joining in support.

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Ker mednarodna delavska solidarnost šteje #2: pogled v ZDA, kjer so v več zveznih državah na nogah šolski delavci in delavke. Več o tem, kakšen delavski boj bijejo, na spodnji povezavi.

In each case, teachers are pushing Republican governors and GOP-controlled legislatures to hike their pay, saying declining real wages threaten to drive staff out of the public school system. Educators see leverage in tight private sector labor markets and inspiration in West Virginia, where strikers defied union leaders by holding out for a better deal. They’re reviving the tactics of an earlier era: In the five years that followed World War II, as teachers felt left behind amid crowded classrooms and accelerating private sector wage growth, there were around 60 teacher strikes across the U.S.—many without legal protection or official union support.

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