Svet, kot ga ustvarja Amazon

Tehten, poglobljen in obenem srhljiv tekst o svetu, delu in družbi, ki ga s svojo ideologijo in poslovnimi strategijami ustvarja Amazon. Z drugimi besedami – padeš pod prag tveganja revščine, ampak če si priden, dobiš piškot.

The share of people living in poverty in San Bernardino was at 28.1 percent in 2016, the most recent year for which census data is available, compared to 23.4 in 2011, the year before Amazon arrived. 


They’ll run competitions such as a “Power Hour” in which workers are encouraged to work as hard as they can for a prize. One recent prize was a cookie. Another time, the winner of Power Hour would be entered into a raffle to win a gift card. “I don’t want a cookie or a gift card. I’ll take it, but I’d rather a living wage. Or not being timed when you’re sitting on the toilet,” said the man, who lives with his father because he and his girlfriend can’t afford their own place, and didn’t want his name used because he hopes to get promoted at Amazon.”

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