Zgodbe iz sveta ekonomije na poziv

Malo branja: o delu v ekonomiji na poziv, prekarizaciji, brezposelnosti, outsourcingu, o izkoriščanju (mladih) delavk in delavcev v 21. stoletju in o tem, kako bi se veljalo boriti nazaj.

It’s zero-hour contracts. Contract work. The Gig Economy; sold to young people as a lifestyle choice, while masking the increasing casualisation of work, denigration of workers’ rights, and abandonment of young workers. For the contractor/freelancer/free agent, the employer assumes no responsibility for the worker – and the worker’s rights becomes the sole responsibility of the worker.

While this set-up suits certain industries and activities, where having the ability to move fluidly between projects is desirable (design, creative, entertainment), it has become an increasingly popular hiring trend in industries where it is highly inappropriate (retail, restaurants, office administration). Here it is known as “domestic outsourcing” and is considered smart, cost-effective business practice.

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