Hitro zamenljiva delovna sila

O poceni delovni sili v Evropi, o migrantskih delavcih, agencijskem delu, prekarizaciji in dirki proti dnu, pri kateri imajo veliko masla na glavi tudi evropske vlade. Dragoceno, nujno branje, ki kar kliče po reakciji.

But as employers outsource more workers and deepen their reliance on shorter-term contracts to cut costs, European regulators are increasing their scrutiny. About a third of Europeans are now in some form of atypical employment, ranging from Uber drivers to pilots, and there are concerns that basic labor protections, including social security benefits and sick leave, are being eroded. 

For companies, the challenges of hiring low-cost workers are growing: An economic recovery is shrinking the pool of cheap labor that initially attracted Foxconn and others to Europe. Employment agencies like Xawax, which finds workers for the Foxconn and Panasonic factories, are an important conduit.

For migrant workers, the choice is difficult. Those from poorer European countries are eager to find better paying jobs. But the agencies sometimes operate in a gray area: requiring workers to sign contracts in foreign languages, and saddling them with conditions and pay that few in-country nationals would accept.

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