Kje stojimo mladi in sindikati? – 2. del

Nov dragocen razmislek o vključevanju mladih v sindikate. Sicer izpod peresa angleške sindikalistke, a s poudarki, ki so nedvomno relevantni tudi za Slovenijo. Priporočamo v branje! V razmislek.

“We’ve identified three key barriers standing between trade unions and young workers.

First, young workers tend to have low expectations; they don’t identify as having problems at work. If anything they consider themselves fortunate to have a job at all.
I’ve met young workers who have to do an extra half hour of unpaid briefings and debriefings every day, but still think they’re treated fairly.

Second, there’s a lack of trust between colleagues in workplaces where young workers work. It’s common to hear “I could never talk to a colleague about a shared issue – they’d be straight behind my back to the boss and then I’d be in trouble.”

And third, they feel a sense of futility. When young workers have tried to change things in the past nothing has happened. Why put your neck on the line if you don’t think it will make any difference?”

Več tukaj: Clare Cotman, To reach young workers, trade unionists need to step outside their comfort zone