“Narejeno v Ameriki”

Ena iz tujine, ker je pač treba vedeti, kaj se dogaja z delavstvom po svetu: o kalifornijskih migrantskih delavcih in delavkah ter o tem, kaj se skriva za frazo ‘Made in America’.

“Like many undocumented migrants who come to the U.S. in search of better wages and a better life, she fled one exploitative situation only to find herself in another. She ended up sewing clothes, in a sweatshop that didn’t pay her. For three months she was robbed of her wages by an employer banking on the fact that she wouldn’t know how to fight back — or, because of her legal status, would be afraid to complain to the government, which in her eyes just might deport her. “

‘Made in America’: How Sweatshops Exploit Immigrants to Make Your Cheap Clothes