Tiste, ki šivajo naše obleke

Mednarodna solidarnost šteje in pomembno je vedeti, kaj se dogaja z delavkami in delavci z drugih koncev (in krajev) sveta. Zato delimo tole srhljivo novinarsko zgodbo (via Danwatch & The Guardian) o težkem položaju tekstilnih delavk v Kambodži, ki daleč od oči in od srca šivajo obleke, ki jih nato nosimo mi.

“There are nearly as many explanations for the mass-fainting phenomenon as there are people making a living in Cambodia’s most important industry.Textiles are this small developing country’s largest export, and in less than 20 years, the industry has made it possible for 700,000 women to enter the workforce and become economically independent of their husbands. Nearly all garment workers in Cambodia are women.

Danish fashion brands such as Bestseller and PWT Group, like their international counterparts Puma, Nike, Gap and H&M, have moved to Cambodia, which offers quick and cheap manufacturing. But do these low prices come at great cost?

Interviews with garment workers, labour unions, NGOs and trade associations offer an inside look at Cambodia’s closely-guarded textile factories and paint a picture in sharp contrast to the sustainability strategies and ethical guidelines touted by these international brands.”

Zgodba je v celoti dostopna tukaj.